Who Is Archangel Games?


I'm a game developer

What Is Archangel Games?

Since founding, Archangel Games has consisted of one person; Jonathan Brooks. Founded at the end of August 2014, PIC-atch was released as the first product and soon work began on many more projects. In more recent times, Escape Of The Colorless was released on November 24th, 2015 as a part of "Mini Ludum Dare 63"

Products From Archangel Games?



PIC-atch is an abstract/alternative game in which the player loads ANY picture into the application, then must catch small pieces of the image as they fall vertically in order to completely put the picture back together.

Required Specifications

Storage Space : 10 mb
Operating System : Windows XP, and later

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Escape Of The Colorless


Escape Of The Colorless is an vertical, infinite runner with shooter-esque mechanics. The player controls a 6-eyed colorless box creature who has been captured by the evil boxes of color, and wishes to return to his colorless homeworld. In order for him to succeed, he must rush through the forces of the colored boxes and destroy them using his explosive "anti-color" projectiles.

Required Specifications

Storage Space : 60 mb
Operating System : Windows XP, or later (OSX and Linux coming soon!)

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